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Intro to Mo'ara Raids

July 24, 2020 - The Avatar: Pandora Rising Dev Team

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The region of Mo’ara will soon be open for your Alliance to explore! Fly among the floating mountains and hunt through the swirling fog of war for Bosses to defeat for great rewards. As you defeat more Patrols and encounters along the way, you’ll gain Troop and Tower Boosts for the rest of the raid to help you take on these Boss battles. Crash Sites will also have a chance to temporarily unlock Troops outside of your collection for the rest of the raid. We can’t wait to see what strategies and new decks you create to defeat all the Boss encounters and get the maximum Alliance Credit and Talent Kit rewards.

Starting A Raid Header

You’ll be able to access Mo’ara Raids when you reach level 6 of your Village Hall or Command Center. To start a raid your Alliance will need to collect a new shared resource: Mo’ara Supplies. You can earn Mo'ara Supplies for your Alliance by completing your Daily Goals. Higher difficulty raids will require more supplies.

When entering Mo’ara, choose your Commander wisely as they will be locked in that raid for its 24 hour duration and unable to venture outside it. Within that time your team of up to 10 Alliance members will have the goal of defeating 5 Bosses in an area of Mo’ara. You can send up to 5 teams to explore different areas of Mo’ara per raid (higher difficulties allow more teams).

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Patrols and other encounters will have to be defeated to explore more of Mo’ara and find the Bosses within the fog of war. Efficient use of Action Points in Mo’ara will be critical to your success. A radius around your Commander will show how far you can move with one Action Point. Anything outside of that radius will cost two Action Points. You’ll also be able to have your Commanders rest and recover for one Action Point. You'll gain Action Points over time and can also exchange Avatar Points for them. 

Patrols Header

These will be your most encountered obstacles in Mo’ara. Defeating a Patrol will allow you to choose one of three Troop Boosts for your deck. As you venture deeper into Mo’ara the Troop Boosts you can choose will get larger. These Boosts are based on the Featured Troops for the raid, and the Featured Troops will change regularly.

Crash Site Header

Salvaging Crash Sites will randomly grant you one of three Teamwide rewards: an Action Point, a Troop Boost for your deck, or unlock one Troop within the raid that’s not in your collection. This offers a significant advantage to your team. It’s also a great opportunity to experiment with some new Troops.

Feul Depot Header

Fuel Depots have three encounters you must defeat for increasing rewards. Each will cost an Action Point to challenge. The first encounter will give Teamwide Rewards of one level Boost to all Troops and a Boost to a random Troop chosen from the raids Featured Troops. As you defeat more encounters you’ll get more Teamwide level Boosts and increasing featured Troop Boosts.

Mountain Spire Header

Mountain Spires provide two advantages. The first is letting your team see further into Mo’ara, helping you plan out your exploration. The second is providing team members with one level Boost to all Towers, increasing your chances of survival.

Boss 2 Header

These Bosses will be your main source of rewards in Mo’ara. You’ll want to communicate with your team to ensure you are ready to take them on without wasting Action Points. They can be tough to beat, but are worth the Alliance Credits, Talent Kits, and bragging rights.

Rewards Header

Alliance Credits and Talent Kits are earned immediately for defeating Bosses and also at the end of the Mo’ara Raid based on the number of Bosses defeated. Filling up all teams is ideal to defeat the maximum number of Bosses for the best rewards. You’ll also receive bonus rewards based on how much you contribute to the raid.

Mo’ara Raids is a big feature and we’ll be monitoring your feedback to see how we can make more updates to it in the future. We can’t wait for you to get your hands on it in our next update!


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