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Release Notes 0.6.0

July 28, 2020 - The Avatar: Pandora Rising Dev Team

Explore the floating mountains of Mo'ara with your Alliance and leave your mark on Pandora with explosive new Troops and Commanders! We also have some changes to Seasons, the Commander recovery system, base combat, and rewards for fair battles that we can't wait for your feedback on.

Whats New Overview

Here’s a summary of what’s arriving over the course of this release:

  • Game Mode: Mo’ara Raids
    Explore the floating mountains of Mo’ara with your Alliance as you track down enemy bosses for rewards.
  • Updated Commander Recovery System
    This new system allows Commanders to recover with less consumables to manage and combines partial damage and death so it’s more intuitive.
  • Improvements to Seasons
    Earn tokens from the Season Long Event Milestones towards Season Chests. The End of Season Chest will be available in the last week of the Season.
  • Na’vi Troops: Elder Titan and Banshee Roost
    Elder Titan is a ticking time bomb sent toward your foes that deploys stinging Wolf Ticks on attackers and then unleashes a swarm once taken down. Banshee Roost lets you pick off Troops with Banshees that swoop in from a floating island perch.
  • RDA Troops: Hextbots and Firefly
    Hexbots send a shock to your enemy’s plans with 3 repurposed welding bots that slow attacking Troops and zap nearby enemies when critically injured. Firefly deploys a scorched sky policy by lighting up aerial Troops with a burst area flame attack.
  • Safeguard Commanders: Atan and Madaki
    Protect your resources with new Safeguards for each Faction, opening new deck strategies.
  • Defender Commanders: Takuk and Onozuki
    Secure your base with new Defenders for each Faction.
  • Encouraging Combat Around Bases
    Wood and Cement can now be looted from bases, and protected amounts as well as the effectiveness of Loot Skill have been decreased to encourage more PvP battles. We’ll have additional changes to support this, and more work to do.
  • Rewarding Total Victory and Fairer Combat
    We’ve shifted combat rewards to focus on tower destruction instead of just winning. Greater combat rewards will be given for fairer battles. If you suffer a loss from an unfair fight, you will now get combat rewards.
New Feature Moara

Mo’ara is a new region that Alliances can explore together. Fly among the floating mountains, searching the swirling fog of war for conquest and rewards. You’ll have to work together to overcome the Patrols and tough Boss encounters for the best loot. As a new feature, we’ll be looking to you for feedback to see how we can improve it!

  • Mo’ara Supplies will need to be gathered by your Alliance to start a new raid. Earn this new shared currency by completing your Daily Quests.
  • Navigate and engage enemies using Action Points to clear the fog of war.
  • Acquire boosts to Troops and Towers as you defeat opponents.
  • Claim Crash Sites to temporarily unlock Troops not in your collection for the raid.
  • Build up your boosts and take on the raid bosses, earning Alliance Credits and Talent Kits.
  • We’ve moved Alliance Credits from Alliance Events to Mo’ara raids, but you’ll be able to earn more overall. Talent Kits will appear less in the Social Shop.
  • The raid only lasts 24 hours, so choose your Commander that will be locked in the mode wisely and stay active to support your Alliance!

For a more detailed overview check out our previous blog.

New Commander Recovery

We’ve reworked how Commanders recover to solve the issue of many different consumables to manage, and the separation of partial damage and death. We feel this makes the experience more intuitive and streamlined.

  • Commanders who take damage or are defeated must go to the Healing Grove or Repair Bay (formerly Med Bay) to recover over time.
  • Food or Fuel crafts are now used to speed up that healing time.
  • There is now a minor amount of free heal time based on the structure’s level.
  • Killing a Commander still has meaning. The healing time for fully depleting their health is increased.
  • The Cookhouse and Fuel Reactor are now a second Cooking Pit and Fuel Refinery. You’ll keep your upgrades and previous crafted items will be converted to healing speed ups! All Cycad and Radonite resources will also be converted and nodes have been removed from the World Map.
  • The Healing Grove and Repair Bay now have 25 levels. Your second heal slot unlocks at building level 12, and the third slot unlocks at building level 25.
  • We will be sending you resources to upgrade this structure based on the level of your Village Hall or Command Center level.
  • As slots require more levels for this new building, most of you will move from previously having 3 slots to 2. This is an intended change as this system is more powerful than our previous one. We’ll be keeping an eye on it to see if we need to make adjustments.
Updates To Seasons
  • Seasons previously had no time frames tied to them. Our goal is to have New Seasons begin at major update versions (e.g. 0.6.0, 0.7.0). We aim for this to be around six weeks and will be monitoring the timing of this closely.
  • Season Points earn progress towards Milestones from the Season-Long Events, rewarding Season Chest tokens and End of Season Chest tokens.
  • The End of Season Chest will be available in the last week of the Season.
New Troops


Elder Titan
An ancient Titanothere lumbers through the battlefield, infested with aggressive Wolf Tick passengers that opportunistically seek out new prey. Once the Elder Titan is taken down, Wolf Ticks burst out of its massive carcass, viciously biting nearby enemies. Overrun your opponent's defenses by drawing enemy focus to a defensive Troop right before the Elder Titan dies.

Elder Titan

Banshee Roost
A floating island of unobtanium ripped loose from the surface now serves as a rookery for Banshees. They periodically join the battle from this moss-covered perch. As it can call in many Forest Banshees over its lifetime, the Banshee Roost can be an excellent source of aerial pressure in a pushing lane.

Banshee Roost


The RDA has repurposed a crew of three arc-welding Hexbots to disrupt enemy Troops on the battlefield. Hexbots use electrical attacks to slow enemy Movement and Attack Speed, and when critically injured, they self-destruct with a plasma burst that briefly stuns surrounding ground enemies. Use Hexbots against an enemy push on your defenses to stop them in their tracks.


A lightweight, flying vehicle equipped with a pressurized napalm fuel tank and cone-shaped frontal flamethrower. The Firefly's ability to shoot a quick burst of flame at multiple aerial targets makes it the go-to weapon against low health enemy Troops like Na'vi Banshees and Stingbats.

New Commanders


Atan (Hunter) - Sturmbeest Safeguard 

  • Sturmbeest Safeguard: Provides bonus Sturmbeest Hide, and boosts All Troops & All Towers at Sturmbeest Wetlands.
  • Introspective: Provides boosts to Elder Titan, Hellswarm, Banshee Roost at Sturmbeest Wetlands.
  • Undeviating: Provides boosts to Direhorse Rider, Sky Archer, Viperwolf Pack at Sturmbeest Wetlands.

Takuk (Warrior) - Defender

  • Defender: Provides boosts to All Towers, Wall Towers, and All Troops when Defending a Player’s Base.
  • Fierce: Provides boosts to Elder Titan, Paradise Needler, Forest Banshee.
  • Makto: Provides boosts to Sky Archer, Ikran Assault, Banshee Roost.


Madaki (Scientist) - Dandetiger Safeguard

  • Dandetiger Safeguard: Provides bonus Dandetiger Resin, and boosts All Troops & All Towers at Dandetiger Dell.
  • Keen Eye: Provides boosts to Hornet Scout, Firefly, Grenadier at Dandetiger Dell.
  • Xenozoologist: Provides boosts to Helldozer, Hexbots, Rifle Squad at Dandetiger Dell

Onozuki (Soldier) - Defender

  • Defender: Provides boosts to All Towers, Wall Towers, and All Troops when Defending a Player’s Base.
  • Hydra Gunner: Provides boosts to Bombing Run, Firefly, Gas Grenade.
  • Whirlybird: Provides boosts to Hexbots, Scorpion Gunship, Field Barracks.
Enhancing Base Combat

There weren’t many battles happening at your bases. We’ve taken several steps to address this which will take some time to get used to. Rather than rare instances of someone’s Combat Protection dropping with a large stash, there will now be more targets and rewards in the world. Combat Protection will now be a rarer resource as well, so use them wisely. We’ll be watching how the below changes impact the battlefield and giving them time before adjusting further:

  • Loot Skill lowered across the board. Bases will no longer be looted in one or two attacks. This will result in more time for you to defend, allies to reinforce you, or for you to choose using Combat Protection. Previous max loot was around 650k Woodsprites/Credits and has lowered to 20k. PvP Tokens will have a maximum loot of 1,000.
  • Woodsprite and Credit protection amounts have decreased significantly to create more targets on the battlefield. This will on average be 14% of previous values.
  • Wood and Cement can now be loot-able from bases. To focus bases as the main source of this, we’ve removed these resources from Outposts. The Protected Wood and Cement will range from 375 to 7,300.
  • 12 hour Combat Protection will no longer be a reward from Daily Goals. 8hr Combat Protection will appear more reliably in the Item Shop and now has a lower cost.
  • We’ll be providing you with Combat Protection items to help you adjust to the new environment. Some of you may have stashes of Combat Protection which will take time, but eventually deplete. Use them wisely.
General Changes
  • The following will now appear in the Social, Honor/Unobtanium, and Item Shops as well as Standard and Elite Recruitment Chests.
  • Na’vi Troops: Champion, Blast Bulb, Banshee Flight, Warbeest
  • Na’vi Commanders: Avarin, Tsu’mong, Akwey
  • RDA Troops: Helldozer, Lynx Transport, Incinerator, Missile Battery
  • RDA Commanders: Freeman, Michaels, Williams
  • You can now see Commander health and status in the Rally overview update in real time.
  • Replays can now be sped up.
  • Outposts now go up to level 80.
  • You may now reset your Faction progress in the "Settings" menu under "Account".
  • Trials has received some visual updates for:
  • Region Art
  • Models for Na'huk and CJ
  • Transitions into trials
  • The experience around rewards
Troops And Combat
  • Encouraging fair combat
  • You earn greater combat rewards based on battle fairness.
  • Defenders and Harvesters now receive combat rewards even when they lose in Challenging, Difficult, or Impossible battles.
  • Fair battles now include a slightly larger range of combats as we’re now rewarding you for more actively seeking them out.
  • Rewarding damage dealt in combat
  • A greater portion of rewards are awarded for destroying Sentry Towers and Command Towers. 
  • Sentry Towers contribute less to a commander’s Army Power.
  • Wall Towers in bases contribute more to a commander’s Army Power.


  • Champion
  • Health decreased 2% (from 987 to 967.3).
  • Damage decreased 1% (from 58 to 57.4).

  • Blast Bulb
  • Lifetime increased from 30 to 36 seconds.

  • Banshee Flight
  • Health decreased 3% (from 23.5 to 22.8).
  • Damage decreased 3% (from 32.3 to 31.4).

  • Ikran Assault
  • Damage decreased 3% (from 656.6 to 636.9.

  • Titanothere
  • Health increased 2% (from 1852.3 to 1889.4).
  • Damage increased 2% (from 210.1 to 214.3).

  • Tukru Fighters
  • Health increased 3% (from 280 to 288.4).
  • Damage increased 2% (from 163 to 166.3).

  • Warbeest
  • Health decreased 3% (from 864.3 to 838.3).
  • Damage decreased 2% (from 163.9 to 160.7).

  • Forest Banshee
  • Health decreased 4% (from 284.2 to 272.8).
  • Damage decreased 1% (from 87 to 86.1).

  • Stingbat Swarm
  • Health decreased 3% (from 23.5 to 22.8).
  • Damage decreased 3% (from 32.3 to 31.4).

  • Sentinels
  • Health increased 3% (from 170 to 175.1).
  • Damage increased 2% (from 67 to 68.3).
  • Shield Health increased 8.5% (from 35 to 38).

  • Paradise Needler
  • Damage increased 35% (from 47 to 63.5).
  • Hit Speed slowed 20% (from 0.5 to 0.6 seconds).
  • Lifetime increased 3.5% (from 28 to 29).
  • Knockback on-hit increased 60%.

  • Puffball Tree
  • Base Damage decreased 50% (from 61 to 30.5).
  • Base Movement Speed decreased from 5.8 to 4.
  • After 3 seconds, Puffballs grow larger, moving at 200% normal Movement Speed and detonating for 200% normal Damage.
  • These changes to Puffball Tree are aimed at reducing its effectiveness when placed very close to enemies. With this 3-second charge-up duration, the Puffball Tree has a sharper identity as a long-range siege tool for Na’vi.

  • Archers and Hunting Party
  • Health increased 3% (from 111.1 to 114.4). 
  • Damage increased 3% (from 49.98 to 51.5).

  • Viperwolves and Viperwolf Pack
  • Health increased 3% (from 42.8 to 44.1). 
  • Damage increased 3% (from 47.9 to 49.4).


  • Helldozer
  • Charges up Movement Speed over 5 seconds (from Very Slow to Slow).
  • When moving at full speed, it has no windup for its initial attack. 
  • Resolved an issue causing its area effects locking to the initial deploy angle rather than turning with the Troop.
  • The previous version of Helldozer too often ended in pushes with a dead Helldozer right at the enemy’s doorstep. We added some more boosts to this Epic Troop, allowing it to get to your opponent’s tower line a bit faster, following that up with a near-instant stunning-blow for its first attack. 

  • Lynx Transport
  • Now pulls nearby infantry inside when deployed.
  • Being able to place the Lynx in a more reactive way opens up more opportunities to deploy it as a pseudo-shield for Infantry already on the battlefield. This allows for new high-skill plays, and counter-plays, that create the sort of exciting moments we want to see in combat. 

  • Incinerator
  • Health increased 2% (from 454.5 to 463.6).
  • Damage increased 4% (from 28.3 to 29.4).

  • Scorpion Gunship
  • Hit Speed increased 20% (from 5 seconds to 4 seconds).
  • Attacks per Hit reduced 16.7% (from 6 to 5). 
  • Damage increased 3% (from 38.4 to 39.5).
  • Health increased 3% (from 707 to 728.2).
  • The Scorpion Gunship’s inability to target Ground Troops combined with its longer Attack duration gives this Troop a unique, core identity. However, this combination can also leave the Scorpion in cases where it can be taken down before doing any damage itself. Alongside general stat boosts, we’re shortening the Hit Speed, reducing how sharply it is countered. Particularly by lower health and slightly spread-out Air enemies. 

  • Gas Grenade
  • Damage increased 3% (from 15 to 15.5).

  • Grenadier
  • Health increased 2% (from 249.5 to 254.5).
  • Damage increased 2% (from 80.8 to 82.4).

  • Shredder
  • Health increased 2% (from 1091.8 to 1113.6).
  • Damage increased 2% (from 19.6 to 20).
  • Resolved an issue causing its area damage locking to the initial deploy angle rather than turning with the Troop.

  • RPG Station
  • Time between spawns decreased from 7.5 to 7 seconds.

  • Bunker
  • Now pulls nearby infantry inside when deployed.
  • Health increased 3% (from 1133 to 1167).
  • Being able to place the Bunker in a more reactive way opens up more opportunities to deploy it as a pseudo-shield for Infantry already on the battlefield. This allows for new high-skill plays, and counter-plays, that create the sorts of exciting moments we want to see in combat. 

  • Rifle Troopers and Rifle Squad
  • Attack Speed increased 14.3% (from 1.75 to 1.5). 
  • Damage increased 3% (from 14.3 to 14.7).

  • RPG Infantry and RPG Squad
  • Health increased 2% (from 74.5 to 76).
  • Damage increased 2% (from 62.2 to 63.5).

  • Concussion Blast 
  • Damage increased 3% (from 141.8 to 146).
  • Talent Kit requirements for leveling have increased but the amount you can earn has also increased through Mo'ara Raids.
  • Raiders sub-class renamed to Pillagers.
  • Our last adjustment to Commanders reduced tower levels to address too many ties that we started to observe the 0.5 update. While we definitely reduced those stalemates, we swung the pendulum a bit too far. In this update we are boosting towers up by a much smaller amount than we reduced them in the last update. The goal here is giving you opportunities to play around your defenses more effectively.
  • Increased Commander Talent boosts to All Towers. 
  • Reduced Uncommon and Common Harvesters’ All Tower and Troop talent boosts max level by 2.
  • Increased Safeguards’ All Tower and All Troop talent boosts max level by 2.
Economy And Progression
  • You can no longer buy through craft timers with AP. We want you to value crafts and craft speedups when they appear as rewards in events. You’ll still be able to use existing and earned craft speedups. To pair with this change, the amount of craft speedups earned from you gaining levels has decreased.
  • We’ve noticed you have large stockpiles of base collector resources Tree Oil and Vines/Plastic Filament and Permalloy. Crafts now require more appropriate amounts of both of them.
  • Buildings initial and upgrade costs have been shifted across types, but the overall costs remain the same. Storage and Defenses now have lower costs. Crafting and Commander buildings as well as Collectors and Trading Posts now have higher costs. 
  • You can now only retreat from level 2 or higher Solo Harvest nodes by using one of two new consumables depending on the node Tier. Collect Early has two types, one that can be used at level 2 and 3 nodes, and one that can be used at level 4 and 5 nodes. You can find these in the Trials Shop. 
  • Outposts will no longer give combat rewards for individual battles as we want to focus their rewards on completing milestones. Outposts will be your primary source of Commander Marks.
Bug Fixes
  • Crashes that sometimes occurred when trying to switch factions.
  • Defending players not receiving versus token after winning by tie on resource nodes.
  • A blue screen displayed when launching the game into a combat scenario.
  • Issue with the new player experience causing a crash.
  • Fixed Bulldog driving away from valid targets that are behind obstacles.